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Director | Brian C Miller Richard      
Screenplay | Hunter Burke & Nick Lavin    
Director of Photography | Natalie Kingston
Produced by Brian C Miller Richard & Chris Haney
Winner of Best Cinematography, NOFF 2015 (Natalie Kingston) 
First Place Home Grown Film, Lake Charles Film Festival 2015
John Schneider Studios Award, Lake Charles Film Festival 2015
Game Warden Henri Judice is a mess. He drinks too much and his marriage is on the rocks. Now, he must investigate a mysterious call-out deep in the Louisiana swamp before a devastating hurricane tears across the Atchafalaya Basin.
A true-to-life Acadian thriller. 
The events seen in the short film "Atchafalaya" serve as a prequel to our feature script, ANIMAL.
Chosen as the Blacklist.com’s Featured Script for June 2014, ANIMAL continues the story of Game Warden Henri Judice as he tracks a serial killer through the Louisiana swamps. But when the grisly bodies start to pile up, suspicions of the Cajun folklore creature the Loup Garou begin to surface.
Our goal with "Atchafalaya" is to begin the journey of bringing ANIMAL to the big screen. With a smaller budget and a more condensed shooting schedule, we aim for "Atchafalaya" to give the cinema world a taste of what’s to come with ANIMAL.

Accolades for ANIMAL


Featured Script of the Month: June 2014             Blacklist.com

Second Round Status                                           Sundance Screenwriter’s Lab 2014

Second Round Status(Top 15%)                          AFF Screenplay Competition

Semi-Finalist Horror Script Contest                       ScreenCraft.org

Second Phase Status                                            Big Bear Screenplay Competition