The Passion Series

Denise Gallagher

The Passion Series - Denise Gallagher

The Passion Series is a collection of short documentaries about people and their unique passions. Each film immerses you into the world of a soul that has been set on fire. Through this exploration, you’ll discover why these people do what they do and what drives their spirit.

Denise Gallagher is an artist who draws incessantly and loves to make beautiful things. Her images provide glimpses of a grand and sprawling story, a mysterious tale that is yet to be written. Denise’s work was included in the New York Society of Illustrators’ 51st Annual Show, the Los Angeles Society of Illustrators’ Illustration West 50 Show and most recently in Communication Arts Magazine’s 2012 Illustration Annual.

Produced by: Construct Films

Directed by: Brian C Miller Richard 

Director of Photography: Natalie Kingston