The Passion Series

Kody Chamberlain

The Passion Series - Kody Chamberlain

The Passion Series is a collection of short documentaries about people and their unique passions. Each film immerses you into the world of a soul that has been set on fire. Through this exploration, you’ll discover why these people do what they do and what drives their spirit.

Kody Chamberlain was born in Thibodaux, Louisiana, and relocated to Lafayette in 1993 to attend the University of Louisiana at Lafayette where he earned a BFA in Advertising Design. After working for several top advertising agencies, he started his own design studio in 1999 where he offered a diverse set of client services for print and web. Early in 2004, he started his career as a professional comic book artist and hasn’t looked back. Kody has been called one of the most versatile artists around and will often adapt stylistically to better serve the type of story being told.

Produced by: Construct Films

Directed by: Brian C Miller Richard
Director of Photography: Natalie Kingston