The Passion Series

Johanna Divine

The Passion Series - Johanna Divine

The Passion Series is a collection of short documentaries about people and their unique passions. Each film immerses you into the world of a soul that has been set on fire. Through this exploration, you’ll discover why these people do what they do and what drives their spirit.

Johanna Divine is a songwriter, singer, filmmaker and writer whose roots in the most culturally rich pockets of the South – from Tennessee to Texas, Florida to Louisiana – have inspired a soulful and wide-ranging body of work. As a songwriter, Divine digs through the dusty things of beauty in our attics, finding lost treasures and painting them up until they’re new again. Her songs carry with them traces of the honky-tonk, swing, and blues absorbed in her native South – but the sultry voice that delivers them, and the open heart behind that voice, are all her own. This rooted yet personal approach inspired TimeOut New York to call her music “lovely and impressive,” while Offbeat Magazine says she’s an artist “to keep an eye on.”

Produced by: Construct Films

Directed by: Brian C Miller Richard
Director of Photography: Natalie Kingston